Bucket vacuum cleaner Lopez 4400

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    Lopez 4400 bucket vacuum cleaner with the best quality available in the market and with features including digital control system, low consumption and the ability to use disposable and permanent bags is the best option for every Iranian lady to buy.

    A quality and reliable product for your home

    As you know, there are many types of brooms with different brands. There are different ones in the market. The brand we want to introduce to the audience is brand (LOPEZ). LOPEZ bucket vacuum cleaner model 4400 is made with excellent quality and beautiful design for your comfort and convenience.

    Lopez vacuum cleaner has different models.

    In the following section, we will introduce you to one of the best vacuum cleaners of the famous brand (LOPEZ) so that you can enjoy your purchase and Be sure of the money you spend on buying this product and enjoy it a lot.

    (digital bucket vacuum cleaner4400 Lopez brand) is one of the most popular vacuum cleaner brands in the Iranian market.

    Features and Specifications Lopez bucket vacuum cleaner model 4400

    • from setting key 5 It has a different speed that you can use its low or high speed when using it for different places, for example on (carpet _ carpet or…).
    • < It is available in three colors: crimson, black, pencil tip. It has a standard logo. This vacuum cleaner It has extremely high suction power, which can be used to collect the smallest bits of garbage.

    It has a large dust tank, which can be an important option for the consumer because it does not need to be emptied for each use.

    • It has a digital control system.

    • The tank capacity of this vacuum cleaner is 29 liters.

    • It has maximum filtration efficiency.
    • It has a powerful and low consumption AEG motor.

    • It has the ability to use permanent and disposable bags.

    Lopez model 4400 bucket vacuum cleaner One of the advantages of this vacuum cleaner is its very reasonable price considering its performance, which makes this product an important option for is a buyer.

    Lopez brand vacuum cleaner model4400 has equipment that makes it easy to reach far places.

    Another advantage of this vacuum cleaner is the power of the device’s engine. which has high power and this option is one of the most important options when buying. The suction power of this vacuum cleaner is very good and strong, so that the consumer can have full confidence in this option.

    (digital bucket vacuum cleaner 4400) It has a beautiful design and this vacuum cleaner occupies a small volume.  Lopez 4400 bucket vacuum cleaner

    It should be noted that a real buyer can (brand vacuum LOPEZ ) from a reliable site (Lopezmall.com) or in person and enjoy buying (LOPEZ) vacuum cleaner products. The last point: We refer to the after-sales service and warranty of the 4400 digital bucket vacuum cleaner.

    Lopez model 4400 bucket vacuum cleaner with 2year warranty and 10years after-sales service. Contact our colleagues in the company or contact the service section by dialing (32292725). To view more products click here and follow us on various social networks Instagram, Telegram, Aparat a> and LinkedIn.






    Black, crimson, Dark Blue, pencil tip

    سیم جمع کن


    گرید انرژی


    گنجایش مخزن

    21 Liter

    نشان استاندارد


    نوع جاروبرقی



    2 years warranty and 10 years after-sales service

    اقلام همراه




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