Oven 101 design gas stove

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Fer Lopez model 101 gas stove has a cast iron shield with a frame. It has a Sabaf flame head and a digital timer. In this Fer Lopez design gas stove model, we have a cupboard that is divided into two parts by a floor. We have also installed a glass door, which is very useful for housewives.

oven design 101 gas stove

Fer Lopez design gas stove is a gas stove with which you can cook delicious food and gather family members around a table.

This gas stove is placed in the category of gas-burning products, which allows you to cook by burning gas and creating a flame.

Features and features of the Lopez 101 design oven

One of the unique features of this product is its easy and hassle-free use without the need for timer settings.

Inside the product, there is also a comprehensive guide with required explanations.


This product is available in white and silver.

The frame behind the gas plate design of the Lopez brand Iranian oven

Behind the screen of this gas stove instead of glass, there is a frame that is screwed to the screen of the gas stove and has an effect on the beauty of the product.

cast iron stove oven cover

The material of the 101 gas stove shield is high quality cast iron. In addition to being strong and not changing color against heat, cast iron transfers more heat to the container you use.

With wardrobe and Drawer


Flames of Sabaf design, oven design 101

The flame heads of this gas stove are of the Sabaf design. Also, the volumes of the Fur 101 gas stove are made of light and high-quality lacquer.

Digital timer for oven design 101

This oven has a digital timer. This product has two functional buttons:

  • The first button on the right is the manual stove lighter. By pressing it and turning the volume at the same time, the flame is lit.
  • The button on the left is to specify the timer. In order to give an alarm at the specified time.

For example, we have food on the gas and after half an hour we have to turn it off. We may forget that by giving time to the stove, the top of the clock rings and reminds us to turn off the flame.

Other buttons are for display and without any function.


What is a cupboard or cabinet gas stove?

In front of the gas stove in Fardar gas stove, there is an oven, and it is used as a drawer or cupboard in the models of the oven design.

In this Fer Lopez oven model, we have a cupboard that is divided into two parts by a floor. We have also installed a glass door, which is very useful for housewives.


Adjustable stove bases Gas

Adjustable bases of oven design oven 101

The height of the gas stove can be increased or decreased by using adjustable bases so that it can be adjusted according to the height of the user and the side cabinets.

After-sales service and warranty of Lopez products< /h2>
You can buy all Lopez products with the strong service and support of Lopez company.

Lopez after-sales service representatives throughout the country are ready to serve you dear ones.

After purchasing, in order to install or repair Lopez products, you should call the central after-sales service at 03132292725 ext. 108 and state your case. Finally, within 48 hours, necessary arrangements will be made with the representative closest to your home through the company, and the matter will be resolved.


Lopez model 101 gas stove has a 12 month warranty after installation by the work service and announcing to the company, this warranty has been activated and you can enjoy your purchase with peace of mind.

Lopez, feeling good at home…

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silver, white

Adjustable bases


number of doors

single door

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12 months if installed by the company's authorized service provider



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