Lopez 4200 bucket vacuum cleaner

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    Lopez 4200 bucket vacuum cleaner with a very strong suction motor, light weight and other advantages can be mentioned such as quality, resistance and high suction power and the ability to use permanent and disposable bags.

    Lopez 4200 bucket vacuum cleaner

    Sweeping the house after a hard and boring work day is a very difficult task that cannot be liked by every person, including women, in a situation where they have to do personal work such as cooking and other tasks at the same time. .

    For this reason, with the advancement of technology, vacuum cleaners have been designed so that people can clean more easily and use more time for their other tasks.

    In the following section, we introduce one of the best brands in Iran (LOPEZ) so that you can easily buy a vacuum cleaner without any trouble. Make sure you get the product you want.

    Lopez bucket vacuum cleaner model 4200

    Review tips for buying and selling bucket vacuum cleaner4200 Lopez

    Buying and selling vacuum cleaners may seem simple, but if you are not careful and do not follow a few key points, you may get into trouble.

    In this title, we give a series of general tips so that you can use them to buy a vacuum cleaner with ease.

    Key points for buying a vacuum cleaner:

    In this section, we want you to be sure of the authenticity of your vacuum cleaner.

    The first step is that when buying a vacuum cleaner, you must be completely sure of its quality.

    In this section, you will get to know one of the best vacuum cleaners of the brand LOPEZ so that you can Be sure of your purchase and enjoy your product.

    In this section it is better to vacuum Bucket 4200 and introduce its specifications in general.

    This vacuum cleaner has:
    Adjustment key for two different speeds

    Has a standard mark

    Super suction power

    Large dust tank

     29 liter tank capacity

    maximum filtration efficiency

    AEG high power and low consumption engine

    It is possible to use permanent and disposable bags, which can be said to be one of the best vacuum cleaners in the world that you can buy for your comfort and peace of mind.

    And enjoy it every time you use it.

    Lopez model bucket vacuum cleaner 4200

    The important point is that:
    Any person can easily visit the official website (www.Lopezmall.com) or by dialing (03132288888) internal (109) Get in touch with our colleagues or contact the service section at (03132292725).

    Advantages of Lopez 4200 model bucket vacuum cleaner

    Lopez bucket vacuum cleaners have a very strong suction motor.which have high suction power.</span > which will have the ability to suck dust into the tank.

    The light weight of bucket vacuums for a consumer. It is very impressive that people who have special problems can easily use.Brand Lopez has tried.broom weight Determine your electrics in such a way that the consumer . can be very comfortable with moving it. The noise level of Lopez bucket vacuum cleaners is very normal..which is an important option when choosing and buying.when using the vacuum cleaner of the person in question He uses it not to be bothered.

    Among its other advantages, we can mention the high quality and resistance of Lopez model 4200 electric vacuum cleaner because it has very high quality and resistance.

    A real buyer and consumer can be completely sure of buying this product.







    Black, crimson, Dark Blue, pencil tip

    نوع جاروبرقی


    سیم جمع کن


    گرید انرژی


    گنجایش مخزن

    29 Liter

    لوله تلسکوپی


    قدرت موتور


    نشان استاندارد



    2 years warranty

    اقلام همراه


    سایر مشخصات

    high efficiency, Two speed



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