Lopez PRO-2020-S electric oven

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The built-in oven is produced with a steel and glass facade, and the electrical function of the oven is a built-in fan, which is called a convection fan, and by working with it, you have a constant temperature in the entire oven chamber. All parts of your food are cooked at the same temperature, which helps the cooking process.

Lopez PRO-2020-S built-in oven

Lopez PRO-2020-S built-in oven is produced with a steel and glass facade and its electrical function is the main distinguishing feature of this product from other similar products because in ovens with gas function or electricity and gas jointly, in order to standardize the conditions Installation and warranty, the presence of a separate gas valve is mandatory and otherwise it will not be installed, which is today according to the number of gas pipes allowed in kitchens determined by the gas administration.

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Usually, buyers face problems in having a separate oven, and their only way is to buy an electric oven. The size of this product is 60*60*55 and its design is for built-in use, but if you wish, you can also use it as a surface.
electric oven

General specifications of Lopez PRO-2020-S built-in oven

The energy consumption category of the Lopez built-in oven is A, therefore, due to the electrical performance and low energy consumption of the Lopez PRO-2020-S built-in oven, you can safely Feel free to use it and be sure that it is a good option to buy. This product has one mesh tray, one fireproof enamel oven tray and one rotisserie skewer.

All settings of the oven are made through the built-in touch digital board, which can be seen on the screen of this board and it is locked through the child lock, which disables the operation of all buttons and the possibility of changing There is no, but if needed, it can be disabled again by holding the child lock for a few seconds.


Fertokar Lopez built-in oven PRO-2020-S from Lopez brand is your favorite.

Lopez brand is an Iranian brandAnd by working with it, you have a constant temperature of the entire oven chamber.And all parts of your food are cooked at the same temperature .which helps the brain to cook .food.

This product also has a grill function and it does this job well for you. Finally, along with all these features, the beauty of this product is definitely the opinion of every It attracts a viewer.and makes your kitchen more beautiful

Communication with Lopez Household Appliances Company

If you need, you can refer to the after-sales service department of Lopez Household Appliances Company or for non-personal purchase, call 031-32277777 or mobile number. Please call 09201004913.










60×60 with a depth of 53 cm

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جوجه گردان


صفحه نمایش



24 months if installed by the company's authorized service provider

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