Lopez SM740 sandwich maker

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    2,600,000 تومان

    Lopez sandwich maker model SM740 has two detachable grill plates and a sandwich maker at the same time with the ability to open 180 degrees and includes a non-stick pan to reduce oil consumption and a heat insulation handle made of the highest quality material.

    Lopez sandwich maker SM740 Snack maker or sandwich maker Lopez model Sm740 with a power of 1300 watts It is a home appliance, which can help a lot in saving time and energy consumption. You can use it in the feast of fast food and delicious homemade snacks. Sandwich maker and snack

    Two detachable grill plates and Sandwich Simultaneous maker

    One of the advantages of this device compared to other snack cookers in the market is the presence of two separate plates of grill and sandwich maker at the same time. Despite that, you will no longer need to buy a grill.

    Non-stick pan to reduce oil consumption

    The SM740 home sandwich maker includes a non-stick pan to reduce oil consumption and maintain the health of the consumer. Two grill plates and snack maker in Lopez's snack maker

    Lopez sandwich maker features and price

      • The heat insulation handle is made of the highest quality material.

    The above product has been released to the market in two colors, white and black, according to the taste and market of household appliances. It is another Iranian.

    • oil outlet compartment or 180 degree opening capability of the snack cooker

    in most devices There is an oil outlet compartment in the snack cooker. However, in Lopez SM740 sandwich maker, due to its 180-degree opening capability, 2 oil drain chambers are installed. Another important feature of the Sm740 sandwich maker is the 180 degree opening of its two sides. which is designed to facilitate the arrangement of food, its contents in pages and the simultaneous and separate use of each of the pages. It became possible after field research to meet the needs of the consumer, to attract the demanding audience and satisfy those loved ones to the snack cooker and sandwich maker with grill brand LOPEZ to attract. Therefore, in order to prevent your kitchen from getting crowded and dirty, we have included two oil catch bowls in the product packaging.

    How to use the snack cooker

    Each plate can be separated by pulling its latch, which makes it easy and convenient to wash the plates. . Green and red neon lights are installed on both sides of the lock on the handle of the device. which is to show the opening and closing of the door and heating of the element. It is necessary to pay attention to it for the ease of working with the device and to prevent burns caused by the heat of the device.




    Black, white

    Number of triangular sandwich ports


    number of houses


    Show status

    LED indicator



    Accessories included

    Extra oil collection container, two cast iron grill trays

    door lock

    Yes (to make sure the door is closed)

    Ability to open

    up to 180 degrees for ease of work


    18 months warranty

    اقلام همراه




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