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In the name of God, Merciful and Merciful

Pardisan Tejarat Mandagh Collection, the owner of Lopez household appliances brand, in order to facilitate the communication process of the respected buyer with the collection, places the company’s contact information and organizational chart below this text. It is hoped that you will help us to serve you better with your constructive comments and suggestions through email and contact numbers of our company.

:Isfahan head office colleagues


Managing DirectorMr. Majid Azimi Manesh
Deputy CEOMr. Erfan Azimi Manesh
After-sales service managementMrs Gilani
Finance managementMrs Shekarchi
Digital marketing managementMrs Ahmadi
Accounting managementMrs Abbasi
Sales supportMrs Rasekh




:In order to communicate with any of the colleagues, you can contact the listed phone numbers

03132288888- 03132277777


:Company email

لوگو لوازم خانگی لوپز