Iranian or foreign home appliances?

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Is Iranian or foreign home appliances better?

All of us have always had this concern to buy Iranian household appliances or Foreign . Today, Iranian household appliances have gained many fans compared to the past, and the number of companies producing Iranian household appliances is increasing day by day, and they have a larger share of the country’s home appliance supply market than foreign brands.

Purchasing foreign household appliances faces many challenges such as rising currency prices, not having a reliable representative in Iran, not having after-sales services in Iran, producing fake and similar products, etc. … As a result, you should pay great attention to these issues when buying household appliances.

One ​​of the advantages of buying Iranian household appliances is its relatively affordable price, and you will be more comfortable with the after-sales service of the product. Of course, Iranian household appliances may not be at the level of the world’s first levels in all aspects, but domestic producers, especially in recent years, have become closer to their foreign competitors by increasing the quality level and aligning with the current taste, and they have something to say.

The best Iranian gas stoves

The best gas stove in Iranian or foreign household appliances

From the past until today, the gas stove is one of the appliances in every home and kitchen. Because of the quality of Iranian gas stoves, Iranian people have been more interested in buying Iranian gas stoves than foreign ones. Because Iranian brands, in addition to high manufacturing quality and beautiful designs, have more reasonable prices and after-sales services. For this reason, Iranian gas stoves have a very good position in exports to neighboring countries and have attracted many fans.

Gas stoves Lopez Household Appliances both in terms of quality and design And in terms of variety in tabletop gas stoves, curl design and Fardar is highly recommended It has been placed in the wing of good Iranian consumers, and you can easily choose and buy the gas stove you want by visiting the Lopez website and benefit from the after-sales services of these high-quality gas stoves.

Warranty and after-sales service of Iranian gas stove

Factors such as the presence of an oven, the number of flames, an automatic lighter, etc. are influential in choosing and buying a gas stove, but after-sales service and warranty have a more special place among these factors. and this is enough for people to prefer buying Iranian gas stoves to foreign manufacturers.

Gas stove, because the slightest carelessness in its installation threatens human health, requires an expert and reliable person to install and set up and solve possible problems, and consumers Domestic brands do not have to worry about this. But people who use foreign brands without warranty have two options; Either they have to do the installation themselves without any expertise or get help from unreliable people who claim to be experts in this field, which brings risks.

Iranian gas stove price

The price of a gas stove, like other household appliances, depends on various factors such as the type of body, having an oven, the number of flames, after-sales service, warranty and other facilities. Domestic brands have always tried to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices. Also, like other Iranian goods, the gas stove is produced and assembled in Iran, and the cost of customs and intermediaries does not play a role in its price.

Iranian and foreign fridge freezer

Freezer refrigerator Iranian or foreign

One ​​of the most important products when buying household appliances is a refrigerator, and fortunately, Iranian brands have a long history in its production. This experience and history has made it easier for people to buy a high-quality and durable product with peace of mind.

Iranian brands, in order to meet the needs of many people, have created a wide variety of refrigerators and freezers, various models of refrigerators, such as combi freezers, top freezers, and side freezers. Bayside, twin, hotel, four-door, etc. are produced and supplied in a variety of specifications, features, and various colors. Each person can choose a model according to their taste, type of use, kitchen space, number of family members and decoration and color of cabinets.

Warranty and after-sales service Iranian refrigerator-freezer

Warranty and support are exactly what differentiate domestic products from other similar foreign products. The process of buying a product does not end with the purchase of that product, but after the purchase of the product, the warranty and after-sales service continue the relationship between the buyer and the manufacturer of that product. A refrigerator-freezer needs expert people from the installation stage to years of service, and these are all the advantages of Iranian refrigerator-freezers compared to products without warranty.

Iranian refrigerator-freezer price

If you want to talk about the price of Iranian refrigerators, we definitely know that their prices are much lower than similar foreign products. The reason is that Iranian products reach the consumer from the factory or agencies without intermediaries and passing through customs. All parts of Iranian refrigerators and freezers are assembled or produced in Iran. Removing the cost of customs, storage, etc. in the reasonable price of Iranian fridge-freezers has an important defect.

Iranian or foreign home appliances
Iranian or foreign home appliances

The best TV in Iranian or foreign home appliances

If we look around us, we will notice that the advancement of technology, especially in the audio and video industry, is taking place at a very fast pace. In every home, there are smart TVs with different features and sizes. Every time we look at the big audio and video companies, they unveil a TV with a new screen, more and more optimized features. Iranian producers have never been left behind in this competition and have focused a lot on the production of audio and video equipment. Iranian TVs have produced any screen quality from HD to 4K with special and advanced features.

Iranian TV warranty and after-sales service

Warranty and after-sales service is one of the most important things to consider when buying a TV. There is a possibility of damage to electrical appliances, whether they are made by Iranian brands or famous foreign brands. The existence of warranty and after-sales service of Iranian products can ease the imagination of every person regarding the repair of the device by an expert and reliable person, replacement of a part with the original sample and model fabric, and installation and training when buying an Iranian TV.</p >

The price difference between Iranian and foreign TV

In general, Iranian TVs have a better price compared to foreign brands, but it does not mean that they have lower quality. As we explained about the refrigerator, the parts of Iranian brands are produced and assembled in Iranian factories, and the cost of customs, etc. is removed from it, that’s why they have a more reasonable price than foreign brands.

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