Cleaning the kitchen hood – complete tips for cleaning the hood

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Kitchen hood maintenance tips

When cleaning the kitchen, it is easy to ignore your kitchen hood or stove. However, this is one area in the kitchen that you should definitely clean to keep your home safe from germs, bacteria, and fire hazards. If you’re in the habit of cleaning the hood regularly, it’s easy to clean, although it may require harsher chemicals than your regular surface cleaner at first. As a result, you can easily clean or replace the kitchen hood filter less often.

Cleaning the side of the hood

cleaning the outside of the kitchen hood

1. Choose the right cleaner for your particular kitchen hood. Types of kitchen hoods can be made of different materials. When choosing what to clean with, choose a cleaner that is safe to use on the hood to avoid damaging it. For example:

  • For plastic or vinyl hoods, use an all-purpose cleaner or warm, soapy water.
  • For stainless steel, wash with warm soapy water.
  • For copper, use a copper cleaner.

2. Wipe the outside of the hood. You expect a clean It is very easy to do the exterior of the kitchen hood because it is located away from your stove. You can simply spray and clean it with your cleaner. It is recommended to read the cleaning instructions before cleaning with a cleaning spray that you want to leave on the hood for a long time.

3. Dry the hood. Wipe it with a dry cloth and clean or wipe with paper towels. Remove all traces of the cleaner.

Cleaning the kitchen hood

cleaning under the kitchen hood

1. If needed, steam it inside. First, under Check the hood, then fill a large pot three-quarters full with water. Leave it uncovered on the stove to boil and boil it for half an hour or more if needed. Let the steam soak the fat particles so that they begin to loosen from the kitchen hood.

  • Wait for the stove to cool down before proceeding. Keep in mind that you’ll probably have to bend over the stove to get up and under the hood. If you have boiled water to remove the greasy particles with steam, place the pot on a safe surface. Wait for the torch to cool down before proceeding.

2. Put the detergent in < strong>Part Test the inside of the hood. If the dirt is light enough for your regular surface cleaner to work, great. However, if you need a tougher degreasing chemical to do the job, spray a small area of ​​the hood with the detergent before using the detergent. Make sure that it does not cause any adverse reactions with the paint of the kitchen hood or other materials.

  • Again, always double-check cleaning recommendations for materials that are safe to use.

3. Spray and wipe.

Read your cleanser instructions first for proper use. Use safety gloves if recommended. Then spray the inside of the kitchen hood according to the instructions and wipe it with a sponge, cloth or tissue.

  • Some cleaners may recommend that you wipe immediately. Some may recommend letting it sit for a while so it can soak in dirt, grease, and raw materials.

4. Soak the metal filters in the cleaner and water. Fill your sink with hot water. Add dish soap or a stronger cleaner to degrease it. Let it soak for ten minutes to half an hour, then stir it in water to remove any dirt. Use a bristle brush to clean stubborn patches. Then rinse under a strong jet of water (such as a faucet sprayer attachment). After that:

  • Place the filter on a clean towel or drying rack and allow it to air dry before reinstalling.

Cleaning the top of the hood

Concluding remarks

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