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What you should know before buying a microwave oven

Finding the perfect microwave isn’t complicated these days because you can use our key tips to determine which microwave best suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget. do.
Whether you’re a seasoned chef or your only culinary specialty is making popcorn, a microwave is an essential tool for any cook. When it’s time to buy a new product, consider the type and features that best suit your needs.

How does a microwave work?

When you turn on your microwave, tiny electromagnetic waves invisible to the human eye travel through the chamber and excite the water molecules in your food. These molecules move quickly and collide and absorb microwave radiation. It cooks the food by moving the molecules. In this way, the solid butter melts in a few seconds and the rest is heated in a few minutes.

Buy desktop microwavesTips when buying desktop microwaves

Types of microwaves to buy

Which type of microwave is right for you depends on how often you plan to use it, how important beauty is to you, what your budget is, and most of the time What are you going to cook? Tabletop models from 21 cm to 67 cm, larger models include a fan for cooking ventilation. There are built-in microwaves that are integrated into the cabinet.

tabletop microwaves

As the most common and affordable type, desktop microwaves have a huge impact on the market. They are usually compact and easy to use, just plug them in. Their affordable price and easy portability make them valuable for most people.

Microwave at work

Tips for buying a microwave at work

Indoor microwaves

built-in microwaves match your kitchen design. They can be placed in a cabinet, wall or in a drawer. These options save counter space and often blend in with decor, cabinets or other fixtures, adding to the beauty of your kitchen. Built-in microwaves are significantly more expensive than desktop microwaves.

combined microwave

Sometimes a microwave functions as an oven, convection oven, and microwave, but more often it simply functions as a convection oven. . If you have limited kitchen space, buying a device with multiple functions can be a good solution.

Key points for buying a microwavePoints for buying a microwave at work

proper microwave tips

One ​​of the key and important points that you need to know before buying a microwave is to consider the special features when choosing your microwave. Make a list of all the features you consider essential before buying:


Watts represent the power of the microwave. If you plan to use it occasionally, choose a microwave with at least 1000 watts of power.


The size of your microwave is important, especially if you have limited counter space. If you plan to cook large meals for a family in your microwave, make sure that large microwave-safe dishes fit in the model you choose.

Microwoven kitchen


Common microwave presets include Popcorn, Fresh Vegetables, Frozen Vegetables, Potatoes, Drinks, Defrost, Soften/Thaw and Reheat. These items will be different based on the brand and microwave.

Turning page

It is always a good idea to choose a microwave with a turntable so that the food rotates and heats up evenly. Turn the food by hand.

two-stage baking option

One ​​of the features that should be considered when buying a microwave oven is that if you cook food directly after taking it out of the freezer, two-step cooking is a good option. These models defrost the food, then automatically go to normal cooking mode.

smart sensors

Smart sensors prevent food from overcooking. This can be very helpful if you are new to microwaves or trying out new dishes.

Key points for buying a microwave

The most important point after buying and using a microwave

If you take good care of your microwave, expect to enjoy it for approximately 5-10 years. Follow these tips to improve longevity and keep your microwave in good shape: Microwave Buying Tips

All plastic food containers should not be used in the microwave when you use the microwave. Some containers can damage your microwave and release toxins into your food. Keep all metal utensils and containers away from the microwave. Metal utensils should never be placed in the microwave. If they are not taken care of, they can cause sparks and even fire.

Cover all the food that you put inside the microwave because if the food splashes in the microwave, there is a possibility of damaging the device.

Be gentle with your microwave door. Avoid slamming the door or closing it quickly with your elbow. Microwave latches are surprisingly complex and easily damaged.
Clean your microwave regularly. Clean the inside and outside of your microwave every week. If the food you are cooking splatters, clean the microwave immediately.

Microwave buying tips

Concluding remarks

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