Lopez model 3800 bucket vacuum cleaner

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    Lopez model 3800 bucket vacuum cleaner

    one of your options in choosing bucket vacuum cleaner Definitely Lopez bucket vacuum cleaner Model 3800 will be. This vacuum cleaner has a better position than its competitors because in addition to being of high quality, it has an affordable price in today’s market at 1401. It is equipped with an EUP engine and has a power of 1600 watts, in the following we have explained the features and capabilities of this vacuum cleaner in more detail.

    The best selling vacuum cleaner 1401

    • Equipped with EUP engine
    • Tank capacity 29 liters
    • Has a hygienic HEPA filter
    • Radius of operation 10 meters
    • With disposable and permanent bag
    • Motor power 1600 watts
    • Power consumption 1500 to 2000 watts
    • Has ABS body
    • Two-speed, low noise, with telescopic tube

    The color and quality of the bucket vacuum cleaner Lopez model 3800

    This vacuum cleaner has various and beautiful colors and the colors are crimson, navy >, it is black and pencil tip and you can choose the color you want according to your taste. You can use this vacuum cleaner for many years at home because it is very resistant because its body is made of the best quality plastic called ABS.

    But compared to the rest of the ABS in the market, it has a more unique feature that makes it stand out from the vacuum cleaners of its class, that is, the color of the ABS body itself means that if there are scratches on the body of the vacuum cleaner Its color doesn’t get spilled or chipped because the body is not painted and the whole body has color.

    Lopez model 3800 bucket vacuum cleaner

    warranty and after-sales service of vacuum cleaners

    This vacuum cleaner has a 2-year warranty and 10-year after-sales service, and you can get all the parts from Lopez company. After purchasing the product ID listed in the warranty card, call 09201004913 or 03132288888 (ext. 108) to activate your product warranty.

    For more information and advice on buying Lopez products, you can call 09134367005 or 0332288888 (ext. 104).


    Black, crimson, Dark Blue, pencil tip



    نوع جاروبرقی


    سیم جمع کن


    گرید انرژی


    گنجایش مخزن

    29 Liter

    لوله تلسکوپی


    قدرت موتور


    نشان استاندارد



    2 years warranty and 10 years after-sales service

    اقلام همراه

    Corner eraser series, sofa brush

    سایر مشخصات

    high efficiency, low noise, Two speed



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