Lopez 3600 bucket vacuum cleaner

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Lopez model 3600 bucket vacuum cleaner has the ability to adjust the suction power for different surfaces and a telescopic handle and flexible hose pipe and a 7-meter cable for sweeping different and wide surfaces. Also, its tank volume is large.

Lopez 3600 bucket vacuum cleaner

One of the most widely used products is LOPEZ company, which is available in the market with a motor power of 1400 watts and is able to clean you again and again. It helps to find the place you want. The vacuum cleaner motor is produced in China, but it is one of the high-quality motors in this country. The weight of this device is approximately 7 kg, which according to the dimensions of the tank and the shape of its design, this weight is normal and suitable. “color: #ffffff;”>.under the vacuum cleaner, there are 4 wheels.which can be used to move the vacuum cleaner and used it.

Bucket vacuum cleaner

Motor Lopez 3600 bucket vacuum cleaner

The motor of this product consumes 1400 watts of electricity and when it is placed in the complete set of brooms up to 1800 watts, it shows real power. : #ffffff;”>.and has a power exceeding 1400 watts. Along with this vacuum cleaner, except for the main brush, one corner holder and one sofa cleaner and one disposable bag will be sent to you. You can use any of these vacuum cleaner series according to your use. do.

special brush

Additional details of model 3600

The mechanism of using Lopez 3600 bucket vacuum cleaner is that it does not need to use a bag and the dust collected in the vacuum cleaner tank is collected and After filling, you can easily open the lid of the vacuum cleaner from the roof of the vacuum cleaner where the motor is located, and after removing the canvas bag around the motor, empty the entire bucket and wash it with cold water, and after drying again used it

Actually, instead of a permanent bag, we use the vacuum cleaner tank itself . and this is one of the advantages of this vacuum cleaner .because we don’t need to buy a broom bag.and it is very economical.

Cheap vacuum cleaner

Communication with Lopez Company

In order to satisfy those customers who insist on using a vacuum cleaner bag, Lopez company has also designed and produced a disposable bag, one of which can be placed in the vacuum cleaner bucket and in the desired location, which you can use after the bag is full. You have to throw it away. If you need to restock it, you can contact Lopez after-sales service department at 03132292725 ext. 108 and buy the quantity you need, which will be sent to you by mail. You can also visit the representatives’ offices. The services of this company provide these bags.
Another important point in this vacuum cleaner is its large tank, which makes it take longer for the vacuum cleaner to fill with dust, and as a result, you need to empty it later.

This product with suitable weight, small dimensions and beautiful appearance is recommended for use by people who are looking for a compact and light vacuum cleaner. In addition to domestic use, it is also used in places such as mosques, mosques, shops, halls, etc.

Attractive coloring Lopez 3600 bucket vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner model 3600 Lopez is produced in three metallic colors, pencil tip, crimson and black. The color of this broom is the metallic color of the car. If the vacuum cleaner hits any place while sweeping, it will not be torn off and will only remain on the device as a scratch.

The length of the power cable used.in this product is 7 meters. The area between 5 and 10 meters can be covered with this vacuum cleaner.

Another very important point in buying Lopez 3600 bucket vacuum cleaner is its very reasonable price considering its many features because By browsing the home appliance market, you can easily understand that compared to other competitors, such a product with such quality and specifications is very expensive.
Bucket vacuum cleaner

It can be said that the weak point of this vacuum cleaner is not having a collection wire. Of course, there is a clip on the back of the vacuum cleaner to wrap the wire around it, and due to its reasonable price and other features, this weakness can be ignored.

Last word

At the end, please note.After purchasing and delivering the vacuum cleaner, after opening the carton and removing the vacuum cleaner body, there is a hose pipe inside the vacuum cleaner.that you should open the engine door. Remove the pipe and other accessories.This point was said because.that many Some of the consumer customers return it due to carelessness and thinking that the device does not have a tube and are dissatisfied with the product. =”color: #ffffff;”>.There is a vacuum cleaner inside the body.






Black, crimson, pencil tip

نوع جاروبرقی


radius of action

10 meter

سیم جمع کن


قدرت موتور


گرید انرژی


نوع کیسه


لوله تلسکوپی


گنجایش مخزن

12 Liter

نشان استاندارد



2 years motor warranty and 10 years after sales service

اقلام همراه

Corner eraser series, Manuals, sofa brush



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