Lopez 3400 bucket vacuum cleaner

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    Now Lopez brand has provided 3400 model vacuum cleaner product with high power and power up to 1600 watts, with washable filter in attractive colors along with a sofa brush and ear cleaning series at the best price.

    Lopez 3400 bucket vacuum cleaner

    If you are looking to buy a good home vacuum cleaner but you don’t know which model is right for you, it is better to first list all the features of a good vacuum cleaner in your opinion and make a purchase based on that. The reason for this is that some features of the vacuum cleaner may not be important to you at all or may not be very effective based on your conditions.

    Lopez model 3400 vacuum cleaner is one of the best and most sold

    • Lopez 3400 bucket vacuum cleaner

      Power consumption 1200 to 1500 watts

    • With automatic wire retractor
    • Has a washable filter
    • Combined with sofa brush and head and ear cleaner
    • Motor power 1600 watts
    • 5 meter standard cable
    • Energy grade A

    The effect of technological progress on vacuum cleaners


    What technology experts draw for humans in the field of cleaning is a manifestation of the future technologies of human robotic assistants. They. can. act as a real assistant in house cleaning.

    These vacuum cleaners are cordless vacuum cleaners. which are mostly used in the field of home consumption. These brooms are made using a good cleaning system and a rechargeable battery and a unique design. And now they are available in the market with some foreign brands under the name Jarorbati, which have a high price.

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    The advancement of science is something that has had a huge impact on our daily lives in a short period of time. This science was the thing that led to the invention and production of vacuum cleaners, so that today we rarely see a house where a manual vacuum cleaner is used, and vacuum cleaners are considered essential tools in every home. Vacuum cleaners whose design changes day by day. Kurdish and now they are produced in two models, bucket and rocket. One of these changes was the change in their dimensions and size, so that they gradually became smaller and lighter, while their capabilities did not decrease, but also new capabilities. Added to these products.


    Lopez 3400 bucket vacuum cleaner

    Lopez 3400 bucket vacuum cleaner has a 2-year Lopez warranty and 10 years of after-sales service.

    You can also contact our colleagues in the company by dialing (03132288888) extension (108) or contact the service department by dialing (32292725).


    Weight8.300 kg

    pencil tip, white, yellow

    Vacuum cleaner type


    engine power


    wire gatherer


    Other Features

    high efficiency
    low noise


    2 years motor warranty and 10 years after sales service



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