Oven 201 design gas stove

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The Fer Lopez model 201 gas stove is one of the furnished and cabinet gas stoves. It has a glazed screen, a Sabaf design flame, a glass door, a digital timer, and a gas lighter. Two doors made of flat tempered glass are installed in front of the oven

oven 201 gas stove

This model of Fer Lopez model 201 is one of the latest products produced by this company.

Fer Lopez model 201 cabinet design product

Cooking to prepare a hearty meal for family members is always a concern of women, who need a gas stove that is easy to work with and has enough space and number of flames to use the flames at the same time. LOPEZ company offers its model 201 gas stove without an oven, and for use as a cabinet, the oven part has been designed as two cupboards with two doors and on two separate floors.


Lopez model 201 furnished gas stove

This model of Fer Lopez model 201 should be considered in the category of furnished gas stoves, and due to its dimensions, it can be used as a cabinet, and this feature, as well as having the necessary facilities of a The gas stove has given it a high purchase value.

white gas stove

Using cooking utensils in different sizes of gas stove

Lopez company has installed 5 burners of different sizes in order to be able to put pots and pans of different sizes on the model 201 model gas stove.

These flames and the distance between them are designed in such a way that placing and removing dishes on the flames is done easily and does not collide with the dishes on other flames. This number of flames, along with other features, gives the Lopez 201 gas stove a favorable purchase value.

More beauty of gas stove with digital timer

There is also a digital timer in the design of this gas stove to make it more similar to Fardar gas stoves.

The use of this timer is two:

The first one is the switch on the right for the gas stove lighter:

The lighter system of this stove is manual, which means at the same time you have to turn the flame volume counterclockwise and press the lighter button to light the flame.

The second case is also for time :

We specify the desired time with the built-in button on the left side, and at the set time, the timer starts ringing.

For example, we plan to have our meal after half an hour, but because we might forget, we mark this time on the timer so that it reminds us after half an hour.

The other buttons are also symbolic and have no use because the gas stove is simple .And no oven is used in it.

Lopez 201 gas stove color scheme

This product is available in two colors, white and silver

glazed stove

Lopez model 201 gas stove glazed panel

LOPEZ model 201 gas stove is made of enamel with the color of the oven.which makes the color more resistant to scratches and peeling. Cleaning this.This type of page is very easy.
The 201 gas stove plate is the same color as the stove body in two colors, white and silver.


glass door of gas stove cupboard 201 Lopez

201 gas stove has two doors in front of the stove.which is for easier access to the floors inside the cupboard in front of the stove.And these doors are made of flat tempered glass.

Flame head design of Sabaf gas stove, Fer Lopez model 201

The type of burner that Lopez Company has considered for the gas stove 201.The burner is a Sabaf design.which produces a good flame.and is of high quality.

Guarantee and after-sales service of Fer Lopez model 201 gas stove

Lopez markets all its products with the warranty of Lopez company.

About oven gas stoves, including the Lopez model 201 oven gas stove, if installed by the reliable work service of the company, you can use it for 12 benefit from the company’s guarantee and support.




silver, white

Adjustable bases


number of doors

two doors



تعداد شعله

5 flames


12 months if installed by the company's authorized service provider

اقلام همراه




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