Lopez 600 table gas stove

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    Lopez 600 desktop gas stove is all thermocouple and has high safety. The material of this Iranian gas model is made of non-stick and anti-scratch steel plate, which is the best steel material. The head of the flames has an Italian design and has metal volumes.

    Lopez 600 desktop gas stove

    Lopez model 600 tabletop gas stove is a product with a very beautiful design that can be attractive to buyers.

    This gas stove is a series of plate gas stoves with a rice cooker flame in the middle.

    The material of this Iranian gas model is non-stick and anti-scratch steel plate, which is one of the best types of steel.

    Lopez model 600 desktop gas stove, every home needs

    The most important device that we need every day is the gas stove. Gas stoves are very important at home because we need them for cooking and they have a great effect on the beauty of kitchen decoration.

    And in a word, in general, if you are looking for a gas stove for your kitchen, this gas stove can be one of your options.

    Specifications LOPEZ 600 desktop gas stove

    Lopez model 600 tabletop gas stove is all thermocouple and has high safety. For this reason, it brings a comfortable memory for consumers in using it.

    This ease of imagination is so great that you never have to worry about the flame going out by itself for any reason. Because the strong thermocouples used in this product immediately cut off the gas flow after the flame is extinguished. and prevent possible risks.

    The design of this gas stove is five burners, and it can easily meet your needs for cooking for everyday use by families or even when you have guests.

    The steel material of the stove plate is easy to clean and you will not have any problem with stains remaining on it. To teach the methods of

    600 model table gas stove

    As you can see in the picture above, this gas stove has Italian design flames and three cast iron shields on the stove top. And the flames will be available to you.

    Lopez 600 desktop gas stove has metal volumes, which is one of the advantages of the stove. Because in all desktop stoves, the volume is close to the flame, and if a plastic volume is used, it may melt.

    Also, Lopez company has used thermal insulation to prevent the volumes from getting too hot. This problem shows the special attention of this collection to the needs of its customers.

    Lopez 600 desktop gas stove has an automatic lighter and is a good option for your home.

    Please note that in addition to all these features, this product has a 12-month warranty from the date of installation by an authorized service technician of Lopez Company.

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    Weight13 kg
    Dimensions51 × 87 cm




    Flame type

    Italian design

    shield material

    Cast iron 3 pieces



    جنس ولوم

    Metal with thermal insulation, metallic


    12 months if installed by the company's authorized service provider

    اقلام همراه




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