Lopez 500 table gas stove

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The Lopez 500 plate gas stove has an unbreakable tempered glass plate that is anti-scratch and anti-stain. This product benefits from Italian design torch, thermocouple and cast iron shield.

Lopez 500 plate gas stove

This product is famous in the production of desktop gas stoves. Lopez 500 plate gas stove is a good product from a reputable brand, which is suggested to you if you are interested in cooking. Its price is very reasonable.


Stove specifications Lopez 500 plate gas

The flame that this product offers to the buyer is with the benefit of the Italian designed flame, which attracts the attention of consumers with proper burning.

5 pieces of cast iron grids (shields) are used in the construction of this plate gas stove.

The lighter used in this product has made the consumer not need to use matches.

The automaticity of the lighter makes it much easier to light the flame so that by pressing the volume and turning it counterclockwise, the desired flame is lit.

Next to each flame, in addition to the lighter, you will also see another piece, which is the thermocouple. which comes into action when the flame goes out for no reason and cuts off the gas flow.

The weight of this gas stove is about 17 kg.

Its dimensions are 87 x 51, knowing that, the cabinet maker will create a suitable space for you on the cabinet, and during the installation, the service worker of Lopez Company will place the oven in that place and make the necessary corrections to secure the oven frame. It applies gas, so the product fits beautifully in your kitchen.

The black color of the stove plate is due to its material, which is tempered glass. This glass is very resistant to heat and has the necessary standards.

Since the Lopez 500 plate gas stove has an unbreakable tempered glass plate that is anti-scratch and anti-stain, for the use of those who use Cleaning the gas stove is very suitable.

Lopez 500 plate gas stove

* Note that the rice cooker flame is in the center in this Lopez tabletop gas stove.


The price of plate gas compared to other gas stoves

The price of this tabletop gas stove model was quite competitive, and with its features, it is considered one of the most expensive tabletop gas stoves in the market.

It should be noted that the Lopez 500 plate gas stove is a good product from a reputable brand. If you are interested in cooking, we recommend you to buy it.

The volumes of this gas stove are of the type of metal volumes with thermal insulation.which did not melt not only because of the proximity to the flamese. But with thermal insulation, overheating is also prevented. : #ffffff;”>.And easily when the gas stove is on, you can increase and decrease the flame by turning the volume.

Weight17 kg
Dimensions51 × 87 cm




جنس بدنه


Rice cooker flame location


جنس ولوم

Metal with thermal insulation

تعداد شعله

5 flames

جنس شبکه

cast iron



اقلام همراه



12 months if installed by the company's authorized service provider



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