Lopez model LO1 kitchen hood

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    LO1 hood kitchen hood with the best quality, attractive black color, stylish and modern design including features such as: washable 3-layer aluminum filter, smoke, odor, gas and heat sensor, open glass door, 2 light bulbs, remote control control and other facilities, to get more information, you can contact the support of Lopez company with the numbers listed on this page.

    .LO1 surface-mounted kitchen hood LO1 model surface-mounted kitchen hood with modern features and extremely high quality is being sold in Lopez company And you can register and buy your order without worrying about time and cost with just one simple click on this page https://lopezmall.com

    We assure you that by choosing this product, you will not worry about absorbing the smell of food, smoke and steam, and even the growth of fungi and microbes in your home and being in danger. the health of your family, you will experience the best and most enjoyable cooking with your loved ones.

    The most important and essential benefits of using a hood

    Preventing the growth of air conditioning fungi and microbes that It ensures your health and helps you breathe while you sleep. It eliminates the smell of cigarettes and any unpleasant odor. It is the best option for people with breathing problems and allergies.

    1. For the outside of the hood you can type Use cleaners or multi-purpose soaps. You can clean the hood with a combination of cleaners and spray with a tissue. Always follow the instructions on the hood. Clean the spray with a soft and dry cloth. For the filter part of the hood, remove the filter from the hood, if the filter material is charcoal, there is no need to clean it and do not clean it under any circumstances. And if your hood takes dirty air and returns it to the kitchen after purification, you don’t need to change the filter.
    2. For the rest of the hood filter, you can use vinegar or baking soda to clean your hood filter. Use it.

    Glass rokar hood

    General specifications of LO1 rokar kitchen hood

      • 3-layer washable aluminum filter
      • Open glass door
      • Smoke, odor, gas and heat sensor
      • 2 light bulbs
    • 4 round metal motor
    • remote control
    • touch key

    Dear buyers, do not worry about the service and warranty of your product from Lopez company Don’t be a companyLopez home appliance production includes a 1-year warranty and 10-year after-sales service to encourage your purchase 03132292725 during working hours, the service department will guide you from the order stage to the service follow-up.

    Dimensions92 × 92 × 182 cm






    ریموت کنترل


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    One year Lopez warranty

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