10000 oven design gas stove

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The Lopez 10000 gas stove without oven is one of the oven-style gas stoves made of high-quality MDF, which has drawers and cupboards and is suitable for small kitchens. The shields used on Sabaf design burners are made of high quality cast iron and the 10000 model gas stove plate is made of glass.

10000 oven design gas stove

Fer Lopez model 10000 gas stove is one of the most beautiful, high-quality and best-selling products of this company.
Gas stove 10000 white

Contrary to the general public’s opinion, today oven-style gas stoves are better than other models of kitchen gas stoves such as Fardar Gas Stoves or We all know that most modern kitchens are designed with MDF cabinets. Considering this issue and in line with the customers’ request to match the gas stove with the adjacent cabinets, the R&D department of Lopez Company has designed the latest oven design gas stove with the body material of Jets MDF and finally with the benefit of Using thick and very high quality MDF sheets, we have released this beautiful product to the market.

Oven Design Gas Stove

Features and features of gas stove Lopez model 10000

This gas stove has 4 doors, one drawer and 3 cupboards.

The shields on the top of the Sabaf 10,000 Lopez gas stove are made of high-quality cast iron.

The material of the stove plate is glass.

In order to adjust the height of the oven according to the height of the consumer as well as the height of the adjacent cabinets, we have installed adjustable bases. Turn the oven up or down.

To light .flames, you can use a gas stove lighter.

The 10000 Lopez oven gas stove lighter is a manual lighter. color: #ffffff;”>.The lighter button on the timer, you can easily light the flame and you won’t need to use matches and kitchen lighters.




silver, white

Adjustable bases


number of doors

four doors

جنس شبکه

cast iron




12 months if installed by the company's authorized service provider

اقلام همراه




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