Marketing rules and regulations

Marketing rules and regulations

Thank you, dear user, for choosing Lopez Company for marketing through site products, we draw your attention to the set of marketing rules and regulations;

We believe that in today’s world, there should be an alternative to the face-to-face sales structure, and this is exactly the reason for the presence of the marketing panel on our site, to create a modern and up-to-date approach for our country. We seek to create a new breed of sales solutions that align with your needs in today’s modern world.

Our product will only be as good as our colleagues in the company for sales and market engineering, customer support, technology improvement and business development. We are proud that we have been able to bring together colleagues with diverse work backgrounds and extraordinary abilities, regardless of their gender and age. Here at The Lopez Company, we are together to focus on one thing only; The experience of a non-personal and lovely sale!

Here you experience sales that happen with excitement, creativity and speed. So if you want to join us in this experience, remember these few simple and lovely steps.

  • Believing in Islam or one of the official religions of the country
  • Commitment to the Constitution and other relevant laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Not having a history of cooperation and membership in all illegal groups
  • Not having a bad criminal record and not being known for immoral things
  • Not having employment prohibition in terms of public duty service
  • Availability of physical health to perform assigned duties

For each user’s confirmed purchase, the profit and commission rate of all Lopez products is 5 percent and 5% discount for the person who used your ID code.

Your minimum balance of commission and marketing profit for account settlement should be 100 thousand tomans and after When your commission reaches this balance, you can request a settlement.

Settlement is done in two ways, direct and indirect; In the direct method, after the account settlement request and its confirmation by Lopez experts, the user is asked for the card number or Shaba number, and in this method, the amount is directly deposited into the marketer’s account.

In the indirect method, the user can request to convert the commission balance to his account wallet, in which case he can buy site products with his wallet and account balance.

Note: No amount or commission will be given to the number of clicks that users have entered the product page with the marketer’s link, and only if the product is purchased by users and used From the identifier code, the marketer’s commission will be confirmed.

Marketing Rules and Regulations