Lopez 16000 gas heater

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Lopez 16000 gas heater with unique quality and excellent features is also affordable. By improving the thermal efficiency, this unit has an excellent heating ability and is suitable for the space, and in terms of appearance, it has a precise cut without sharp and sharp edges, safe glass, strong body and bases.

Lopez gas heater price 16000

Lopez model 16000 heater with a beautiful and attractive design is one of the products produced according to the Iranian national standard by the Lopez brand.

This product with a beautiful appearance, unique design, excellent heating ability and favorable space (increasing thermal efficiency), in two colors, copper and wrinkled black, can be a suitable option and a correct choice for purchase. Also, this heater with:

  • Length 880 cm
  • Width 320 cm
  • Height 780 cm
  • The weight is 30 kg.

Lopez model 16000 gas heater from the front


Specifications of Khari gas 16000

Lopez model 16000 heater has a precise cut without sharp and cutting edges, safe glass, body and strong bases, which makes it not release unpleasant smell when using the heater.

It is possible to adjust the flames, thin and strong sheets, suitable and desirable flames and suitable packaging.

One of the other prominent features of this Lopez heater is the ODS system that controls the oxygen in the environment. He pointed out that it turns off the device when it falls below a certain level and causes danger.

It also has a thermocouple safety system


What is a thermocouple?

Thermocouple is a part that provides the required voltage to the coil when it is heated. Therefore, if the heater pilot is turned off, the possibility of fire and explosion due to gas accumulation increases. In such cases, the thermocouple sensor of the Lopez 16000 gas heater cools down and immediately cuts off the gas flow to prevent possible dangers.


Important points of installing a gas heater:

Due to the fact that in the cold season, improper installation of the heater may cause irreparable loss of life and money, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety points and the proper installation method of the device during installation.

One of these cases is closing the air conditioner valve in winter castle. If the cooler valve is open, the flow of smoke from the chimney works in reverse. Because air enters from the chimney and heat exits from the cooler channel.

When installing, pay attention to the distance between the heater opening and the chimney (minimum distance).

Use proper and strong clamps to close the hoses.

Make sure the gas hose is healthy before installing the heater. Because any problem in the gas hose causes gas leakage in the area you want.


Lopez warranty heater:

This model of Lopez heater has an 18-month warranty if installed by experienced service workers of Lopez company.

10 years of after-sales service to ensure the trust of respected consumers.

With the arrival of the cold season and the need to buy this high-quality product from Lopezmi website, you can call 09201004913 for service and installation of your ovens and apply for product installation and warranty.

Weight30 kg
Dimensions88 × 32 × 78 cm





Black, copper





نوع شیر



18 months warranty and 10 years after-sales service



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