Necessary points in buying household appliances – a complete review of the features of household appliances

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Necessary tips for buying household appliances

Maybe you are on the verge of starting a life together or want to home appliances, in your opinion, what points should be paid attention to when buying home appliances? Which ones? What is the best brand to buy household appliances? Which one has better after-sales service? In this article, we point out the necessary tips for buying household appliances so that you can make a better choice when buying.


Needful tips for buying household appliances Home


Know your need

Before buying any home appliance or any product, you should consider whether this product meets your needs well or not. So, the first step in buying household appliances is knowing the needs of yourself and your family. You should pay attention to the fact that the product you are going to buy is going to solve a problem for you or satisfy your need, so you should check your conditions and specify your needs and use this in your purchase. Note the requirements.


Determining the product budget in the purchase of household appliances

The next thing you should pay attention to before buying household appliances is determining the budget. The material of the body, the features, the quality of the parts and the product, etc. are very effective in determining the price of household appliances, and you can limit the product selection options by determining the budget, and you can make a better choice among the options in front of you.

 Select Correct size of home appliances

Prepare a list of goods needed before buying household appliances

Just as we can buy the things we need from a grocery store by having a list, by having a list of needed household appliances, we can prioritize according to necessity and easily buy products without missing out.


Attention to the color and appearance of household appliances

One of the necessary and important points that you should pay attention to when buying household appliances is to choose the right color and appearance of the product in accordance with the style and design of your home so that it does not cause you any problems in the future. If you are confused in choosing the color or appearance, you can consult an interior architect and choose a product according to your home decoration.


Choosing the correct size when choosing household appliances

The most important point in choosing home appliances is the correct size according to the decoration of your home. The desired product should not be so small that it does not work for you, nor so big that it creates a disturbance in your home decoration and does not work for you as For example, when buying a refrigerator, we should pay attention to what size we should choose to meet our needs, or when buying a TV, we should pay attention to the size of the screen and choose the right size for our needs.


Important points in Buy home appliances

Choose the brand of household appliances

The next thing you should pay attention to is what company does the product you choose belong to? Does this company have the necessary expertise in the field of producing this product and is the product of good quality or not? Another issue that is important in choosing a brand is that we should not think that a product that is more expensive must have a higher quality. In fact, in most cases when buying expensive products, we are more interested in brand name We pay a fee and we can buy a product from a less known brand but with the same quality at a lower price.


Evaluation of energy consumption of electrical appliances

One of the essential points that is very important in choosing a product is the energy consumption label, which should be paid attention to when buying electrical appliances. The energy label shows the energy consumption of a product, and the lower the energy consumption of a product, the less energy it consumes and the less you pay for the product’s energy consumption. Looking carefully at the energy consumption label, it can be seen that grade A has the lowest energy consumption and grade G has the highest energy consumption.


Energy label Consumption of household appliances

Home appliance warranty and support

Another important point in choosing a product is the company’s warranty and support for technical defects and product failure. Especially in the case of electrical appliances, you must pay attention to the type of warranty and the duration of the warranty. Each company has different functions in providing after-sales service, and when buying household appliances, you should get the necessary information about how this service is performed and how the company deals with solving the problem if a problem occurs. .

Warranty card and appliance support Home

Pay attention to the manual when buying household appliances

Before buying, take a look at the instruction manual of the product you need. Especially for products with advanced and modern technology. If you know how to work with the device and use those settings, it’s great. However, if you just need simpler options, there’s no need to pay extra for settings you don’t use, and you can get another device with fewer features and a lower price.


Listen to other people’s reviews

Listen to reviews, whether it’s your friend complaining about their very noisy washing machine or online reviews, look for complaints about the machine before you buy. Ask your friends about their gear, what they don’t like, and even check them out yourself if possible. Also, there are many online resources that provide endless reviews from real consumers. Just make sure it’s a reputable source, as there are plenty of fake reviews out there.


Attention to the sound of the electrical product

If the sound level is important to you or certain sounds affect your nerves, don’t forget to listen to it before buying a device or ask the seller about it. A very noisy washing machine may work in one house but not in another. For example, if the laundry room is directly connected to the reception hall, additional noise can cause problems.


The final word on buying household appliances

Today, Iranian home appliances has gained many fans compared to the past, and the number of companies producing home appliances is increasing day by day. To the extent that they have a larger share of the country’s home appliance supply market than foreign brands. One of the advantages of buying Iranian household appliances is its more affordable price, and you will be more comfortable with the after-sales service. Of course, Iranian home appliances may not be at the level of the first levels in the world in all aspects, but domestic producers, especially in recent years, have become closer to their foreign competitors by increasing the quality level and aligning with the current taste, and they have something to say.

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