Table gas stove 510

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    Lopez 510 desktop gas stove is available with the following specifications: all thermocouple, cast iron grid, automatic lighter, metal volume with thermal insulation and Italian design flame, and has 1 year warranty and after-sales service.

    table gas stove 510

    A safe choice for you coders and newlyweds It is tasteful.

    Lopez brand is one of the best manufacturers of electrical appliances and It is an Iranian home that has been able to attract the attention of a wide range of consumers by considering the taste of customers and using excellent materials in the production process with a wide variety of designs.

    Lopez model 510 desktop gas stove

    As you know, gas stove is one of the appliances It is considered important and necessary at home that with the advancement of technology today, we see the supply of more modern examples of gas stoves in the market.

    Different types of gas stoves generally include

    Embed: Basically, they are installed on special tables or on a part of the cabinet and cannot be moved.

    tabletop gas stoves (panel) : are easily removable, take up little space and in terms of price, they are more affordable than other types

    Electrical : This oven model has touch and digital screens, but they do not work during power outage

    Standing (furnished): This model is offered in two types, Fardar and Fur, which can be chosen by the consumer depending on his personal preferences.

    plate gas stoves in the kitchen in terms of design The decoration makes the empty space between the cabinets disappear and occupies less space than other models. Therefore, it is considered one of the most popular products.

    Types of gas stoves in three types of glass, Steel and ceramic are available in the market.

    Steel Gas Stoves

    This model has high resistance and beautiful design that One of its important features is that it is rustproof. Also, this model itself is divided into two categories, ribbed and simple, the first type is rougher and scratch-resistant. and the second or simple type is shiny and scratch-resistant. It is a lot.

    Glass stoves

    The first thing that came to mind after hearing about the glass material in It comes to your mind that it is resistant to heat and impact. But you need to know that the glass of this product is unbreakable, anti-scratch, anti-stain and resistant to high heat.

    Because of the gas stove daily and often It is used for cooking, . When buying, you should consider the quality and efficiency, the budget and the desired space for placement, the size of the hood, the number of gas flames. Consider usage ratio.and family demographics and consumer.‘s personal preferences.

    One ​​of the features of a high-quality plate gas stove , low consumption, suitable thickness, suitable flame distance, safety system and thermocouple and after-sales services are valid.

    Lopez Tabletop Gas StoveFeatures of tabletop gas stove 510

    Anti-scratch and anti-stain unbreakable tempered glass panel

    All Thermocouple : By raising the safety level of the gas stove, this system makes you confident in choosing this product because it prevents the release of gas and the risks caused by it during a gas cut.

    Cast iron grid: The cast iron grid of this product is of high quality and resistant to heat and impact, which you can use with ease.Use all kinds of pots for cooking on it.

    Automatic lighter: The use of this feature is that you push the volume inward a little and turn it counter-clockwise, and after a short pause at the same time, the gas flows from the channels next to the flame to span>It is released outside and the lighter starts to spark and finally lights the gas flame.

    Metal volume with thermal insulation: The volumes of this product are selected with high quality and high quality, and it also has high durability against heat

    The flame of Italian design: It has burners with high thermal efficiency and uniform distribution of heat to the surface of the dishes, which causes uniform cooking of all kinds of food and cakes.

    Repair and maintenance of gas stove Tabletop 510</span >

    Regarding gas stove repairs, the problem of lighter failure is more common, which generally happens for the following reasons:

    In order to prevent damage to the gas stove lighter due to electrical fluctuations, use an electrical protector.

    Spilling liquids and boiling food on the stove.

    Water entering the flames and lighter when washing with a lot of water and detergents.

    Keeping the volume of the stove down while turning it on

    By observing the above and preventing these incidents, you can help increase the life of the product.

    Warranty and after-sales service Atable gas stove 510

    This product has a 12-month warranty and after-sales service.

    By contacting the after-sales service department at the following numbers and installing and operating the gas stove only by the authorized representatives of the company, your product will include the services included in the warranty card. be . and otherwise your device will not be covered by service and warranty.




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    Weight17 kg
    Dimensions51 × 87 cm




    Type oven

    cast iron

    Safety system


    The location of the rice cooker flame


    جنس ولوم




    Material of the page

    Anti-scratch and anti-stain glass


    12 months if installed by the company's authorized service provider

    اقلام همراه




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