Lopez 610 table gas stove

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Lopez model 610 built-in gas stove has a 3-piece cast iron grid, full thermocouple technology, non-flammable steel plate, heat-insulated metal volume, Italian Sabaf flame, automatic lighter, and other facilities. This product is one of the best-selling gas stoves in Iran.

Lopez 610 built-in gas stove

The oven is one of the necessary and important tools for every home and kitchen and it is used several times a day.

Lopez model 610 has a modern design and excellent quality. If you are looking for a desktop gas stove for your kitchen, we will introduce you the 610 LOPEZ plate gas stove with an attractive design.


There are different types of gas stoves in the market, including:

There are Fardar standing gas stoves, oven-style standing gas stoves, panel and built-in gas stoves that you can choose the most suitable model according to the size of the kitchen space and its design.

For example, to make the most of the kitchen space, you should use built-in and tabletop gas stoves because they occupy less space than furnished gas stoves.


When buying a gas stove, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • Type of gas stove
  • thermocouple system
  • Technology of self-cleaning and rotisserie in Ferdar Gas Stove

Lopez brand is by your side with beautiful and diverse designs and excellent quality to choose the right product.


Lopez desktop gas stove
Features of Lopez 610

gas stove
3-piece cast iron grid: The cast iron grid is very resistant to heat and can easily bear the weight of the dishes.

Full thermocouple technology: This feature prevents the risk of fire and increases safety in the gas stove. Because if the flames go out due to the wind, the food spills or the gas is cut off automatically, it cuts off the gas flow instantly.

Automatic Lighter: With the help of this feature, you can light the flames very quickly and easily, in such a way that you first push the volume inwards and by turning the lighter, it will be ignited automatically and The flame is lit.

Sabaf burner, Italian design: Burners play an important role in how gas stoves are heated. so that the thermal efficiency and the way the flames spread depends on the flame head. This model with high thermal power is closed on the stove and when cooking, you will notice that the heat is spread evenly and the food is cooked completely evenly.

Negir anti-scratch steel sheet: The sheet used in this gas stove is of the best type of steel sheet that is resistant to heat and impact, which also has magnetic properties.

Metal volume with thermal insulation: Volumes are prepared in plastic, metal or mixed materials and are one of the most important components of a gas stove. The volumes used in this product are of high quality and heat insulation.

steel table gas

Proper cleaning and maintenance of the gas stove Lopez 610 built-in


Proper cleaning and maintenance of the gas stove are one of important factors in its lifespan, and if this issue is neglected, it will prevent the proper functioning of the gas stove.

Also, the location of the gas stove in the kitchen is one of the important points of maintaining the gas stove.

For example, do not place the stove next to the window. Because the wind may extinguish the flame and release gas.

Do not place the gas stove next to the refrigerator, it may damage your refrigerator due to the release of heat.

*So the best place to put gas stove is a place that does not have much heat.


reasons for the stove lighter to break down

Electrical fluctuations are one of the factors that cause lighters to fail, and you can prevent this by using an electrical protector.

Many consumers hold and press the volume for a long time when turning on the gas stove, which is one of the important factors for the lighter to fail.

When washing the gas stove, you should be careful not to get too much detergent into the gas stove and lighter. Otherwise, it will reduce the lifetime of the lighter and damage it.

Another factor that causes the gas stove lighter to malfunction is the frequent spilling of food and liquids on the flame and gas stove.


Buying a gas stove

If you are looking for a furnished gas stove with all the features or Fardar gas stoves, you can find a variety of Fardar gas stoves and other Lopez brand products on the Lopez Kala website, the official website of the appliance company. Lopez’s home visit the address www.lopezmall.com or the official page of Lopez on Instagram and order direct and our colleagues will contact you. /p>

You can also purchase in person.

One ​​of the most important things after buying any household appliance is paying attention to the after-sales service of that product. Therefore, the Lopez brand has tried to provide any kind of installation services about customer satisfaction and the service Omair provided the products.

Dear consumers, after purchasing, they can always call 031-32292725 for gas stove installation and service.

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Weight13 kg
Dimensions51 × 87 cm


Flame type

Italian design

The type of network

Cast iron 3 pieces

volume type

Metal with thermal insulation

The location of the rice cooker flame



12 months from the date of installation by the serviceman



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