Oven 301 design gas stove

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Fer Lopez model 301 gas stove with Sabaf design flame is very well made and has a good flame during cooking. Steel color and tempered glass, meanwhile, on the surface of the Fur 301 design gas stove, there is a beautiful arrangement and design of the placement of the flame heads with shields. Cast iron becomes more beautiful.

Far 301 design gas stove

Lopez Home Appliances Company produces model 301 oven gas stoves with a very strong and durable structure using first-class raw materials. Model 301 oven gas stove is one of the types of steel oven gas stoves that are manufactured and sold with an attractive appearance, and this causes more diversity in the types of oven gas stoves available in the market.

  • This product is designed and produced in a single silver color with a steel face.

Model 301 gas stove has a beautiful and high-quality glass panel.

  • Having adjustable bases for this oven

It allows you to easily increase and decrease the height of the gas stove according to the height of the consumer and the height of the cabinets adjacent to this product in the kitchen.

  • It can be easily cleaned.

Using unbreakable flat glass, the two doors in front of the gas stove have become more beautiful.

  • Use of tempered glass.

You can use the internal cabinets of this gas stove without anything being obvious from the outside and it will look unpleasant, which is due to the use of tempered glass.

  • Due to the use of Sabaf design flame in this product, the gas fuel is excellent and you will have a good flame while cooking.

Gas stove design Oven model 301

Fur301 design gas stove lighter

The lighter used in this Iranian gas stove model 301 is a hand lighter type. By pressing the button on the digital timer part, the lighter sparks. And by turning the desired flame volume, you can light any of the flames without using a match.


cast iron gas

Due to the glass plate of this gas stove, we have installed a separate burner for each flame.

Their material is cast iron and they are sent to you in the form of a 5-piece cast iron grid with a gas stove.

Glass plate of oven model 301

Note: Under each flame of the gas stove, a rectangular grease trap is screwed to the glass plate.

The presence of this piece, in addition to being a grease trap, makes it easier to place the shield on the flame.

Because without it, the shield slips on the glass.

On the surface of the Far 301 design gas stove, there is a beautiful arrangement and design of the placement of the flame heads, which becomes even more beautiful with cast iron shields.


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Weight40 kg
Dimensions87 × 51 × 86 cm




Adjustable bases


Front door glass

bed firmness

body color

Anti-scratch electrostatic

number of doors

2 doors

the flame

Sabaf plan

تعداد شعله




The type of network

Cast iron 5 pieces


12 months

اقلام همراه




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