Lopez 5000 bucket vacuum cleaner

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Lopez 5000 bucket vacuum cleaner is an excellent example for Iranian women, which has attractive and varied colors, high motor power of 1400 watts, high capacity of 21 liter tank and low consumption, which makes you sure for this choice.

Lopez model 5000 bucket vacuum cleaner (PLUTO)

There are many significant differences and advantages in the production of this bucket vacuum cleaner compared to other bucket vacuum cleaners of its class, which we will mention here.

Bucket vacuum cleaner Lopez 5000
The power of the vacuum cleaner motor

In the science of physics, engine power refers to the speed of performing a cycle, which is measured by a dynamometer. But it is interesting to know that, contrary to popular belief, the power consumption and engine power of all household appliances such as vacuum cleaners are not the same. We must pay attention to the fact that the higher the power consumption of a device, the higher the amount of electricity consumed during its use.
In the Lopez brand vacuum cleaner, the pluto 5000 bucket vacuum cleaner with the use of AGE engine with 1400 watt engine power has shined in the product basket. The diversity of the work better accompanies the buyers.

Energy label

The energy label of the Lopez bucket vacuum cleaner model pluto 5000 is in category A of energy, which also has the mark of safety and product quality standards.

Wire gatherer

Vacuum cleaners are usually wired and have a limited range of activity, for example, the bucket vacuum cleaner of the Lopez brand model pluto 5000 has a wire length of 5 meters, which is one of the advantages of this vacuum cleaner is having an automatic wire collector to collect the wire, thus saving time. .



Lopez 5000 bucket vacuum cleaner

Difference between manual wire gatherer and automatic wire gatherer

In the Lopez series of vacuum cleaners, there are 3 types of wire collectors. One is a simple one that has only one retaining clip, the other is a manual wire collector, and finally the wire Automatic collector in vacuum cleaners whose wire collector is manual .It gathers in a reserved tank around an axis.But it brings the presence of the person and its activity.
There is no involvement of the person in electric wire collectors, and basically the end of the wire inside the housing is connected to contacts. The spring-loaded prongs that carry the electrical connection.The rotating rail that holds the wire starts moving with the electrical connection.

vacuum cleaner pipe

In vacuum cleaners, there are two very important parts that have a direct impact on power consumption.

1- hose pipe 2- simple or sometimes telescopic pipe

These two parts are the strongest parts of the vacuum cleaner and must be of high quality.But dear users should pay attention. that at the time of use, the broom through the tube and twisting and storing it in an inappropriate place, for example under direct sunlight, will reduce the quality and tear part of the hose part or the rusting of the telescopic part. will be

Lopez model pluto 5000 bucket vacuum cleaner is designed and manufactured from two parts: a hose pipe and a telescopic steel pipe, which is made of the best type of stainless steel that fits the human body’s ergonomics.

Lopez 5000 bucket vacuum cleaner

Lopez 5000 bucket vacuum cleaner dust filter

The air sucked by the vacuum cleaner contains dust and pollution, which in order to maintain health and comply with the principles of safety and environmental hygiene, 2 air filters are used in most of the electric vacuum cleaners of Lopez company. which has better absorption and higher efficiency and has a positive effect on engine power.

Also, these filters can be washed and replaced. If you need, you can refer to the after-sales service department of Lopez Home Appliances Company, or contact 031-32277777 or mobile number 09201004913 for non-personal purchase.
The beautiful and attractive appearance of the Lopez model pluto 5000 bucket vacuum cleaner is unique in its own way.It is available in black, white, beige, gray and crimson colors. It was released to the home appliance market.

Reservoir volume

Another category of vacuum cleaners is based on the volume of its tank. In bucket vacuum cleaners, the volume of the tank is different, but the Lopez pluto 5000 bucket vacuum cleaner has a capacity of 21 liters.

product warranty Lopez 5000 bucket vacuum cleaner

On behalf of Lopez Home Appliances Company, we provide 2 years engine warranty and 10 years after sales service for this product.






beige, Black, crimson, pencil tip, white

نوع جاروبرقی


گرید انرژی


نوع کیسه


سیم جمع کن


طول کابل برق

5 meter

گنجایش مخزن

21 Liter

قدرت موتور


لوله تلسکوپی


نشان استاندارد


فیلتر بهداشتی



2 years motor warranty and 10 years after sales service

اقلام همراه

Corner eraser series, Manuals, sofa brush

سایر مشخصات

high efficiency, low noise, Two speed



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