Fardar LP13 gas stove

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Fardar Lopez model LP13 gas stove, along with its many features such as rotisserie, integrated glass plate and cast iron grid, has a reasonable price for buying a dowry gas stove.

Ferdar LP13 gas stove

It is a product that has kept its place in our kitchens and its existence is necessary in our lives.

This product is undoubtedly one of the unrivaled products among Iranian gases. Because in addition to its simple and beautiful appearance and having the necessary facilities such as oven, rotisserie, lighter, etc., it also has a reasonable price.

Fardar Lopez LP13 gas stove, good price

LP13 gas stove integrated panel

Leaving aside the beautiful design and appearance of this Lopez gas stove, the attention that the manufacturer has paid to the construction of the integrated stove plate is very remarkable. Because this makes the gas easy to clean and the seams on the stove plate are not covered with scale. Since cleaning the gas stove is one of the concerns of women. We have compiled a variety of gas stove cleaning methods in an article on this site that you can refer to.


Adjustable bases

This Iranian Lopez gas stove has adjustable bases to choose a height that matches the height of the adjacent cabinets.


glass door

This gas stove has a glass door. This glass prevents grease and liquids from getting dirty and splashing on the wall behind the gas stove. Because it is easier to clean the glass; Having a door is one of the advantages of this gas stove model.

High quality Ferdar LP13 gas stove

What is the grid or shield of gas stove Fardar LP13?

In all types of Lopez gas stoves, two models of shields (grids) are used as the location of the pot on the stove flame. which is divided into two types:

  • bar grid

  • cast iron grid

In the rod type, the shield is thin and light, and even in some cases, due to its lightness, the desired dish may be loose on the flame and not firmly in place. It may also become rusty and change its color over time.

In the second type, we call it a cast iron grid or shield. As its name suggests, it is made of cast iron and has more strength and stability. And because it is made of cast iron, it transfers more heat to the pot. In this model, we have used a cast iron shield, which, of course, is more expensive than a normal shield. In general, its beauty and many features have made this product suitable for the kitchen of every Iranian code lady.


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The number of flames

5 flames


Cast iron

Unbreakable glass cover


Automatic lighter




The light inside the oven

LED lamp

chicken tray


Time flame


Adjustable base



12 months if installed by the company's authorized service provider

اقلام همراه




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