Fardar Lopez LE3 gas stove

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    Fardar Lopez model LE3 gas stove with 5 burners and mushroom burners, digital timer and child lock, stainless steel fan inside the oven, easy clean glaze for easy cleaning of the oven and resistant cast iron shields and automatic lighter, high speed thermocouple system, glass door It is a double-walled oven.

    Ferdar Lopez LE3 gas stove

    Lopez gas stoves with beautiful and updated design and excellent quality are a special choice for housewives and demanding brides.
    As you know, using the right gas stove in the kitchen makes cooking enjoyable because the right gas stove can make cooking time shorter, more useful, and more enjoyable.

    For this reason, Lopez home appliance company produces various types of electrical products and home appliances, especially without oven or oven design and also gas stove , with special attention to the taste and needs of consumers, who are mostly women, and by using modern technology with modern and beautiful design, it has tried to meet the needs of dear customers, housewives and brides.


    Ferdar model gas stove LE3


    Ferdar Lopez LE3 gas stove is produced in two colors:

    • White color and steel plate
    • Steel color: the whole body is steel.


    Ferdar Lopez LE3 gas stove uses the best steel material
    The Iranian Lopez gas stove is made of steel.

    The steel used in it is the best type of steel (do not use steel).

    This material made of steel has a very high resistance and durability against color change and rust.


    Volumes and digital touch timer Lopez gas stove LE3

    One of the prominent features of this product that differentiates it from competitors’ models is its glass key frame on which the volumes and touch digital timer are placed with a beautiful and modern design.

    Few gas stove models have these features.

    This feature makes this gas stove model very suitable for dowry gas stove.

    Also, the touch digital timer is a tool that can be used to control the operating temperature of the oven, the duration of the oven, turning off and on the lamp inside the oven, etc.

    In the picture below, you can see the overview of this Fergaz model. As mentioned above, this model has a remarkable beauty compared to similar models and the same price in the market.

     Ferdar model LE3 gas stove rotator


    Has 5 flames and mushroom flame heads

    This model of Iranian gas stove has different flame heads in large, medium and small sizes. These 5 flames with different dimensions are suitable for cooking with all kinds of containers of different sizes.


    Resistant cast iron shields in Fardar Lopez LE3 gas stove


    The presence of an automatic lighter is one of the other features of this product.

    Automatic lighter for all flame heads for simplicity and increasing cooking speed


    Enable the child lock on the digital timer

    Activating the child lock on the digital timer also avoids manipulating the buttons for families with small children.


    Ferdar Lopez LE3 gas stove safety

    Another option of this product, which has increased the safety of the gas stove, is the use of a high-speed thermocouple system. Because in situations such as food spilling or wind blowing and the flames going out, it causes the gas flow to be cut off and prevent its release.


    Ferdar Lopez LE3 gas stove double-pane door glass

    The presence of high-quality double-paned oven door glass, oven door microswitch, motor and rotisserie skewer inside the Lopez gas oven compartment.


    Easy cleaning

    Easy clean glaze that makes it easy to separate and clean all the fats and food deposits from the surface of the oven walls.


    With internal gas stove fan

    Ferdar Lopez LE3 gas has a fan inside the oven.


    LOPEZ gas stove adjustable bases

    The bases of this product can be easily adjusted according to your desired height and the slope of your kitchen.


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    Weight80 kg
    Dimensions60 × 90 × 89.5 cm



    steel, white

    Fan inside the oven


    child lock


    Flame type




    Oven door glass

    Double sliding

    تعداد شعله

    5 flames

    گرید انرژی


    اقلام همراه



    2 years warranty



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