Fardar LE4 gas stove

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Fardar Lopez model LE4 gas stove has 5 burners and mushroom burners and is equipped with a timer flame, automatic lighter, child lock (to lock the screen, which is suitable for families with small children). High-speed thermocouple system, double-paned oven door glass, etc.

Fordar LE4 gas stove

Fardar LE4 gas stove with modern design and excellent material is a sign of your good taste in buying…
Always using suitable and practical high-quality household appliances brings comfort and pleasure to the consumer when using them. Therefore, the LOPEZ brand has tried to provide you with the best services in this field by producing and supplying quality products that suit the taste of consumers.

Ferdar all steel gas stove LE4

Iranian Fardar LE4 LOPEZ gas stove

It is one of the essential items of any kitchen that is used for cooking.

They are divided into the following three categories:

which have different capabilities and options and consumers can choose any model of Lopez gas stoves according to their needs.

It should be mentioned that Ferdar gas stoves have made it possible to have the best performance in the shortest time and you can easily cook all kinds of cakes and fried chickens using the oven. You, dear ones, always show off your good taste and superior choice as a consumer by purchasing this product.

Ferdar gas stove LE4

Fardar LE4 gas stove is suitable for dowry.


The features and facilities of this gas are:

It has five flames in two colors, white and all steel

It has a rice cooker flame and 4 smaller flames suitable for cooking with different dishes

All cast iron shields

It has a keyboard frame with a beautiful design.

The head of mushroom flames

Bakelite volume (which is very resistant to heat and electricity and is even heat insulating) with a soft coating that is matte

It is equipped with a digital touch timer that can adjust the functions of the oven and gas stove.


Ferdar LE4 gas stove type

Fardar LE4 gas stove has many and practical options, including the steel plate and the excellent steel body (not included) in the all-steel model, which are highly resistant and durable.


Steel page

Fordar LE4 gas stove suitable dowry

Also Fardar gas stove equipped with timer flame, automatic lighter, child lock (to lock the screen which is suitable for families with small children).

Fordar LE4 gas stove is equipped with a thermocouple system that increases the safety of the gas stove. Because if the flame goes out for any reason, it automatically cuts off the gas flow.

Among the other features of this gas stove, which has been able to be an excellent assistant while cooking, is the convection fan system in the oven, which leads to uniform cooking of food and Uniform distribution of heat is noted. The presence of a fan inside the oven makes the cake or pastry fully baked with a uniform temperature. Also, the oven of this gas stove has a sliding double glass and a motor and a large rotisserie skewer.

Adjustable bases in Fardar LE4 gas stove are designed to adjust the height of the stove to suit your kitchen decoration and needs.


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Weight80 kg
Dimensions60 × 90 × 90 cm



steel, white


Yes (flames and inside the oven)

The type of volumes

Heat resistant bakelite

The type of network

Cast iron

The number of flames

5 flames

Glaze inside the oven

Easy Clean

Fan inside the oven


child lock


Flame type




Oven door glass

Double sliding

اقلام همراه



2 years warranty



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