Fardar LE2 gas stove

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    Lopez products, considering the taste of all classes and the best available quality, has tried to produce all kinds of electrical appliances in the field of household appliances for all Iranian women and has facilities including volume and metal handles, glass screen, two rotators, all thermocouples. , digital timer, etc. For more information, you can contact the numbers listed at the end of this page.


    Ferdar LE2 gas stove

    Lopez products considering . the taste of all classes and the best available quality, trying to produce all kinds of electrical appliances in It has the field of household appliances for all Iranian women.

    Enhance the feeling of pleasure during cooking by using Lopez gas stoves.And with the most economical Spruce up your kitchen with Lopez appliances.
    There are many types of gas stoves

    Ferdar LE2 gas stove metal volume

    Explanations about the types of gas stoves:

    table gas stoves

    This type of gas stove is very suitable for people who do not have a relatively large living space. Due to not occupying a lot of space, and at the same time, this type of gas stove is affordable for young couples.

    Ferdar LE2 gas stove lighter

    Gas stoves with and without oven

    These types of gas stoves occupy a lot of space.But they have an oven.And you don’t need to prepare an oven.And in this sense, you will spend less, but gas stoves without The oven has similar facilities, except that it does not have an oven, and instead of an oven, you can use a part such as a cupboard and a drawer, and the oven part as a storage, and it is more economical in terms of price.
    When buying the desired gas stove, be sure to pay attention to how to clean it, whether it is anti-scratch or not. Fardar LE2 gas stove is easy to clean due to its glass screen, and food does not stick to your gas stove at all. It does not scratch, so make your purchase safely and we will answer your questions and comments as soon as possible 24 hours a day.






    Fardar LE2 gas stove including facilities such as:

    • Two rotisserie chickens
    • all thermocouple
    • Glass plate
    • Digital timer
    • Volume and metal grips
    • Lighter on your head


    Dear buyers, don’t worry about the service and warranty of your product from Lopez Company Lopez Home Appliance Manufacturing Company To encourage your purchase, include a 3-year warranty and 10-year after-sales service, and our support team will guide you by dialing 03132288888 (ext. 109) or by calling 03132292725 during working hours, from the order stage to the follow-up service. They will.

    Weight1 kg
    Dimensions17 × 14 × 37 cm



    Black, silver, white



    جوجه گردان


    قفل کودک





    3 years warranty

    اقلام همراه




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