Oven 401 design gas stove

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    Fer Lopez model 401 gas stove has a metal body with anti-scratch silver electrostatic paint and a steel plate and a 3-piece cast iron grid. This product is in the form of two doors with flat tempered glass. This gas stove has adjustable legs for height.

    oven 401 gas stove

    The steel design applied to this oven design will turn this product into your favorite gas stove.

    The design of the oven is actually a gas stove that has all the features of a gas stove except for the oven, which, of course, has a cupboard or drawer in the oven, or even combined, so that part can be used as a cabinet.

    In this design of the oven, the body of the gas stove is metal with a silver anti-scratch electrostatic color.

    But for the front view, it is made of steel sheet. This product has two doors. And it is an affordable choice for your home kitchen. For the stove plate, it is also made of steel, which, in addition to beauty, also has high resistance.

    This beautiful and lovely gas stove with a unique design can be an ideal option to beautify your kitchen environment.



    Iranian gas stove curl design and Fardar LOPEZ

    These days, everyone is trying more to have and buy high-quality, affordable and at the same time beautiful products. And they know that a product should be standard along with all these features to bring peace to their home.

    Among all families in all societies, using a gas stove for cooking at home is essential. Today, gas stoves are used not only in homes, but also in work environments such as offices and workshops, in gardens and villas, and in any space where people are present, and are considered essential tools.

    Most of us consider a gas stove as a means for cooking, but besides that, gas stoves, despite their different designs today, also add a certain beauty to the home and make the space more pleasant.


    Types of gas stoves

    Lopez’s furnished gas stove is available in two types: fardar and oven design. In fact, it can be said that an oven-style gas stove is a furnished gas stove in which the oven is not used.

    The reception of the oven design has been such that this product is mass produced in factories and workshops with high quality, just like Fardar gas stoves.

    Fer Lopez Model 401 gas stove is one of the most popular gas stoves in the market with the use of steel plate and front design.

    Gas stove without extendable oven


    Specifications of oven 401 design

    • Lopez model 401 oven design gas stove is produced with first quality and its appearance is made of steel.
    • The dimensions of this gas stove are 55×87. In fact, the width of this gas stove is 85 cm and its length or depth is 55 cm.
    • 12 months warranty is provided for this product, which is calculated from the time of its installation by the company’s authorized service worker
    • During this time, all necessary services will be provided to you free of charge by Lopez Company.
    • Using Sabaf design flame in this gas stove has made it have a very good flame.
    • Finally, if the color of the big appliances in your kitchen is silver or steel.

    We definitely recommend this product to match the gas stove with them. Because by buying this gas oven design, you will double the beauty of your kitchen.


    It is worth mentioning. This product and all Lopez brand products have a warranty. The warranty of this product includes a 2-year Lopez warranty and 10 years of after-sales service.

    You can also contact our colleagues in the company by dialing (03132288888) extension (108) or contact the service department by dialing (32292725).

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    Weight37 kg
    Dimensions87 × 55 × 86 cm




    Front door glass

    smooth texture

    body color

    Anti-scratch electrostatic

    number of doors

    2 doors

    the flame

    Sabaf plan



    The type of network

    Cast iron 3 pieces


    12 months from the date of installation by the company's authorized service provider

    اقلام همراه




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